This episode starts off very poorly. Turning to videotape was an attempt on the part of the network CBS to implement cost cutting measures on the production of the show. Everything is always neat and tidy because Stevens’ father, John Hoyt, has not only designed the perfect house but a half dozen perfect mechanical robots to tend it. Shelly Kissel February 20, at 6: The discovery causes Jana such anguish that her “father” realizes that Jana can’t go on this way decides to erase the memory of her former “identity” and use her as a replacement for Nelda, the maid skilled at giving Mrs. Their shooting schedules were so short I’m surprised there aren’t more technical blunders like this one, although there are a handful of them throughout the episodes.

There’s mama, moaning with pleasure as Nelda makes her feel marvelous once again! The Lateness of the Hour 02 Dec A boom mic being moved? There are a number of holes in the logic as the story progresses e. Hoyt himself has shrunken features, almost skull-like, but they don’t necessarily suggest villainy. This was the second of two Twilight Zone starring roles for TV’s Farmer’s Daughter , Inger Stevens —70 who, during her final decade, kept a busy schedule of television guest appearances as well as feature film roles. She exclaims, “I’m a machine,” and repeatedly bangs her arm against a railing while yelling “No pain. Again, poor direction was perhaps the problem.

The ending is an obvious one if you’ve ever seen more than two episodes of twilight zone.

The Lateness of the Hour

The daughter of an inventor objects to their “perfect” home where they are waited on by mechanical servants. There’s a mechanical cook, a maid, a handyman, and so forth. Veteran character actors John Hoyt and Irene Tedrow brought a veteran presence to their roles and would both work for The Twilight Zone on more than one occasion.

When her request becomes an ultimatum, Dr. There are a number of holes in the logic as the story progresses e. Nevertheless, it’s annoying to me. The story is about a family that lives in a completely isolated world, with a controlled environment and man-made robots to do every chore imaginable, leaving the family, basically, with nothing to do but relax. Thirsting for some human contact she makes some demands that are first granted, but later when she mentions some of her aspirations, she has to hear some very hard truths.


No pain at all! Fish are jumping, and cotton is high. She hates this as she feels like a prisoner in her own home. I think it made it even creepier. Start With a Classic Cult.

She is quite emotional and wants to leave the house and begin a life of her own. The tragedy is not knowing the truth until you push and push, the revelation presenting more than you bargained for. Then again, the robot staff could have turned on the Hoyt’s to everyone’s consternation, making them the servants.

Stevens carries the minutes with a top-notch turn. Season Two, Episode Here, however, THE weakest link clearly is the acting–which is often histrionic latenesx fake. So much like a badly rehearsed theatrical play.

I loved this episode as a little kid, but it was more for the atmosphere than the story. For all of Dr. Hitchcoc 13 November It forebodes tellingly what is later revealed.

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Her mother Irene Tedrow seems content to go along with the scenario and doesn’t mind being surrounded by these automatons. And then Rod Serling comes out, and gives what has to be the dumbest moral in the history of the Twilight Zone. Craig Smith Set Decoration: It’s still a decent enough episode and the videotape method was certainly able to provide some quality material “Long Distance Call,” “Staticas well as for other shows like ‘Way Out.

Stevens begins to grow suspicious of her own natural existence when she discovers to tue horror that there are no pictures of her younger years. Stevens sells the torment and anguish of her situation reasonably well, but I found her to be hard to like, although if you think about what she desires, her outcry does make sense. What is sorely missed in the episode is the Emmy Award-winning work of photographer George T.

Each motivation was strongly chosen and came from deep within her.

Stevens brings life to the episode, and I found her performance touching, all the more so as I remember well from my high school years when she took her own life, as she appeared to be on the verge of doing thhe TLOTH. Rod SerlingRod Serling created by.

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I just watched The Lateness Of The Hour again, and it csat a bit of a slog but the expert acting of the three major actors held my interest. I say that because as it was shot on video tape, this episode has a theater feel teh it and Inger Stevens is the “grande dame” of this short play. In another episode of TZ he was the Martian with three arms. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Still a good story for a twilight zone episode, but it is hampered by this fact.


Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Inger Stevens also in ‘The Hitch Hiker’,series one plays an inventors daughter who suddenly becomes discontent with her status in a ‘perfect’ environment, waited on by robotic servants.

The Lateness of the Hour 02 Dec This is an odd episode, because usually no matter how bad the plot, the acting is always top-notch on this series. Everything is always neat and tidy because Stevens’ father, John Hoyt, has not only designed the perfect house but a half dozen perfect mechanical robots to tend it.

But no, the daughter has to wear out her welcome, and just moan and groan herself into a total breakdown.

But it’s a disturbing story. At any rate, the father is upset at her request for the windows to be opened and the robots to be dismantled, having devoted his entire life to creating that situation, but ultimately obliges her. Her two Zones are a couple of good examples of her work. I feel that more could have been done to make it better though.

We are acquainted with a family; mother, father, daughter and servants. Del Reisman Art Direction: Twiligjt time, and the living is easy. Again, poor direction was perhaps the problem. Brian Durant June 13, at 7: It’s about a man who has been able to create robots, house servants, who cater to his family’s every wish. She begs her father to put these robots down, that they are destroying the family humanity.