In several cases, the vessels appeared completely occluded by a biofilm containing bacterial cells and extracellular matrix and the frequent colonization of adjacent vessels suggested a horizontal movement of the bacteria. The correlation between the two was irregular, and pollen potency displayed year-on-year variations and did not necessarily match pollen-season-intensity. At the end of the experiment, total fluoride content in soil was 20 and mgFkg -1 soil in control and mM NaF treatments, respectively. Seasonal leaf water relations, non-structural carbohydrates, nitrogen and tissue damage and ice nucleation temperatures in different plant parts were determined in five cultivars growing in the Patagonian cold desert. Recent research, however, has shown that airborne pollen levels alone do not always provide a clear indicator of actual exposure to aeroallergens. The average heat accumulation expressed as GDD was The use of phenological data to calculate chilling units in Olea europaea L. This article reports the green fabrication of cerium oxide nanoparticles CeO 2 NPs using Olea europaea leaf extract and their applications as effective antimicrobial agents.

This latter was subsequently used as a kernel with the Mstrat program to capture the remaining diversity. Allergic sensitization might be influenced by the lipids present in allergens, which can be recognized by natural killer T NKT cells on antigen-presenting cells APCs. The comparative distribution of fluoride partitioning among the different olive tree parts showed that the roots accumulated the most fluoride and olive fruits were minimally affected by soil NaF spiking as they had the lowest fluoride content. The aim of this study was to develop a practical method to evaluate the effective relationship between the amount of winter chilling and the response expressed as the spring reproductive re-starting dates in the olive Olea europaea L. Green fabricated CuO nanobullets via Olea europaea leaf extract shows auspicious antimicrobial potential. The antimicrobial potency of biosynthesised CuO-NPs have been evaluated using colony forming unit CFU counting assay and disc diffusion method which shows a significant zone of inhibition against bacterial and fungal strains may be highly potential for future antimicrobial pharmaceutics.

The assembled episide genome of O. Second, three heat-summation methods were used, determining the the quantities heat units HU: Ethanolic extracts of olive fruits from three different cultivars OFE were studied for their phytochemical contents and were investigated for antioxidant activities and anticancer potential.


To review the scientific literature about the benefits of the polyphenols of olive leaves to human health.

A factor to quantify the degree of accumulation is illustrated and a possible seed protective mechanism tekyd. Arbequina and Picualhad a positive effect on the yield. Edit Details Official Sites: The main analytical parameters of the oils were evaluated: The practice of “gene therapy” for the most important existing cultivars, combined with conventional methods, could accelerate achievement of the main goals, but efforts to overcome some technical and ideological obstacles are needed.

Taken together, these studies support that olive trees cope with salinity and drought by teke mannitol transport bae intracellular metabolism. We have tested this hypothesis in peripheral populations of wild olive tree Olea europaea L. Vulnerability to cavitation in Olea europaea current-year shoots: Tephritidae and Its Parasitoids in Himalayan Asia.

The expansion of cultivation in areas irrigated with low quality and saline water has negative effects on growth and productivity however the investigation of the molecular basis of salt tolerance in olive trees has been only recently initiated.

Chetoui’ in a Tunisian grove were exposed to four treatments from May to October for three-years: These changes conducted with nucleic acid content, minerals content, pigments and some growth parameters. The Olive tree Olea europaea L.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. However, unlike the majority of the fruit species, olive propagation is still a laborious practice. Bari-1 had 82 percent plant survival, highest number of roots per plant 3. Soil fluoride spiking effects on olive trees Olea europaea L. The antimicrobial studies show significant zone of inhibition against bacterial and fungal strains.

Two olive cultivars growing in a special olive orchard in Umbria central Italy were studied over a 3-year period Bioinformatics analyses of 93, reads identified conserved miRNA, belonging to 22 miRNA families in the olive. The phenolic compounds present in olive leaves, especially the oleuropein, are associated to antioxidant, antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemic and cardioprotective activity.

EDU application increased the protection of PSII from ambient O3 oxidative stress, although it did not retain the proportion of redox state of QA, pigment tekyye of photosynthetic apparatus and size of light-harvesting complex of PSII.


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The regeneration of whole plants from ovules, on the other hand, is used only occasionally. Full Text Available Small RNAs sRNAs of 20 to 25 nucleotides nt in length maintain genome integrity and control gene expression in a multitude of developmental and physiological processes. The expression of light-related leaf functional traits depends on the location of individual leaves within the crown of isolated Olea europaea trees.

We recommend that the algorithm has to be validated in similar environment to enrich the knowledge on its capability to ensure its wider usage. In this study, we examined the effectiveness of exogenous proline 10 and 20 mM in alleviating cadmium induced inhibitory effects in young olive plants Olea europaea L.

A particular attention was given to DNA markers and their application that constitute the most part of published researches.

Including three control samples without amendment total plants accounted for Results Six olive Olea europaea L. These findings have important implications for the breeding and agriculture of the olive tree and other crops showing periodicity.

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Olive juvenility and seasonality of flowering were altered by overexpressing genes encoding flowering locus T FT. Non-specific esterase activity is localized on the surface of oil bodies OBs and small vesicles, in the pollen intine and in the callose layer of the pollen tube wall. This work aimed to characterize the alternative oxidase 1 AOX1 -subfamily in olive and to analyze the expression of transcripts during the indolebutyric acid IBA -induced in vitro adventitious rooting AR process.

We have taken under episoee the presence and frequency of O.