We report on a set of measurements made on scintillating cerium-doped fused-silica fibers using high-energy particle beams. In the slip casting process, carefully controlled particle size distributions of fused silica powder are suspended in water and cast into plaster of paris molds. MRF enables to process optics with very small normal stresses applied to the surface during material removal and thus permits the elimination of the residual subsurface cracks. Following this result, second harmonic generation SHG in a quasiphase-matched QPM femtosecond laser written waveguide device was demonstrated. Fluid flow through nanochannel is also demonstrated. Recent experiments with amorphous silica , commonly referred to as fused silica , provided Hugoniot and reflectivity data up to GPa using magnetically-driven aluminum impactors. The arc fusion process has an additional benefit when applied to radome fabrication. Being able to reduce or eliminate the damage initiators such as subsurface cracks present in subsurface damage SSD layer of conventionally polished optical components aims this study.

Reference may be made to U. The process as said in example-1 was repeated except that amount of B 2 O 3 in solid content was kept at 2. It is shown that such a triangular-groove PBS grating can exhibit a higher diffraction efficiency, a larger extinction ratio, and less reflection loss than the binary-phase fused-silica PBS grating. Creating and characterizing of LID on fused silica sample have been implemented. Our results indicate that the two methods can quantitatively distinguish differences in the distribution of absorptive defects in fused silica samples subjected to different post-processing steps. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. However, it is difficult to ensure uniform impregnation.

The desired structure was simulated with the beam propagation method, and the results were in good agreement with experiment data. The radiating elements were to be incorporated into the package instead of connecting to it with wire or ribbon bonds. The results showed that the damage morphology for input and output surface contamination is different. Form control in atmospheric pressure plasma processing of ground fused silica.

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Extrusion of meter long tubing lengths of 3. Femtosecond laser processing is a flexible, three-dimensional 3D fabrication technique used to make integrated low-loss photonic devices in fused silica. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: One caveat to these design criteria is that the air leak through the window before secondary crack growth occurs.


Prior art search was made in the patent and non-patent public literature to find out the works related to present invention. The thickness of each is related to the electron orbit diameter of electrons that escape the material surface, loop, and return back.

In accordance with another aspect silixa the present rasome, a new and improved radome comprises a fused silica radome having a density equal to or greater than 95 percent of theoretical density, an average bend strength equal to or greater than 10 Kpsi, a thermal expansion of about 0.

A general design rule of deep-etched subwavelength sinusoidal-groove fused-silica grating as a highly efficient polarization-independent or polarization-selective device is studied based on the simplified modal method, which shows that the device structure depends little on the incident wavelength, but mainly on the ratio of groove depth to incident wavelength and the ratio of wavelength to grating period.

OF DE Free format text: Despite this lack of convexity, the effective macroscopic model is stable against microstructure formation and defines well-posed boundary-value problems. The photothermal absorption value of fused silica samples range from 0. In addition, the fused silica can withstand high power laser, due to its pure component, and the performance is most outstanding within all types of glasses.

In the present work, the potential of high-pressure devitrification and densification of fused-silica as a ballistic-resistance-enhancement mechanism is investigated computationally.

Processing Requirements for Slip-Cast Fused Silica Radomes. (eBook, ) []

Fracture toughness of ultrashort pulse-bonded fused silica. Aspect ratio radmoe treated area decreased from 2. From the simulation, it is found that the surface defect will get smooth and result in the improvement of surface quality of fused silica fuswd etching. Waveguides and mechanical elements can be combined in a monolithic devices opening new opportunities for integrated opto-mechatronics devices.

We investigate the capacity of magnetorheological finishing MRF process to remove surface and subsurface defects of fused silica optics. In addition, we show that laser exposure history also influences the behavior of individual sites. The role of water in slip casting. Uniform contamination thin films 1 to 5 nm thick were prepared by sputtering various materials Au, Al, Cu, and B 4C. This will allow a corresponding increase in sensitivity of torsion pendula used for weak force measurements, including the gravitational constant measurement and ground-based force noise testing racome the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna LISA mission.


Design of fused-silica rectangular transmission gratings for polarizing beam splitter based on vused method. Pending that the machining process does not introduce surface flaws that would lead to catastrophic failure, the material has a theoretically high ultimate tensile strength of several GPa. Machined shapes and surface roughness are measured using a 3-dimensional vision profiler and the results are discussed. The study used a nm, 7.

Processing Requirements for Slip-Cast Fused Silica Radomes.

The loss of transmission of the samples was first measured. If not, the transition from void to the anisotropic structure with the optical axis oriented parallel to the incident polarization is observed. The damage test data and inspection results were correlated with polishing process specifics.

This is especially true of damage to critical fused silica optics, which grows rapidly upon exposure to additional laser pulses. Various concentrations of B 2 O 3 were added to high purity fused silica.

In collaboration with a laser research institute, an optical finisher and end users, photo thermal absorption measurements on coated samples of different fused silica grades were performed to investigate the influence of basic material properties on the absorption level. Please enter your name.