Ye-rin got to be with mom and dad in a way: Tae-joon was rotten to the core but he wasn’t your stereotypical psychopath, rather a man capable of love, friendship and, finally, growth when he accepts his punishment and finally realizes what “taking responsibility” really means. It is a revenge Story, so far tightly written and suspenseful. The actors were all wonderful and the characters they portrayed were absolutely believable but three especially stood out for me. July 21, — October 13, A great recap for an awesome and drama. And what a wonderful finale I think I cried a little while reading the recap dint as I was watching the show sigh: How do I love thee!

The use of metaphors and proverbs made me lean in a little more. Oh, and I started watching Punch just because I accidentally pressed to stream Punch instead of the one I wanted to watch Despite their differences, they never lost the mutual respect they had for each other as worthy adversaries, which effectively separated them and their wrongdoings from the likes of Minister Yoon and Ho-sung. Bravo all around for great performances and tight writing. Punch was so unrelenting and unbearable in its depiction of venality and corruption that I had to put it on pause many times just to calm down enough to continue watching. Great ratings, and they deserve that. This was a thoroughly adult drama, and I can’t say enough about the high quality of it. Abstract PDF K.

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From the casting, script writing, directing, ost sinipsis so on. Notify me of new comments via email. Meanwhile I was sniffling at our bad guys trial.


But at the core, its just Continue reading” Gu Family Book: You were one in a million.

Was that perp walk with Prosecutor Yoon and Ho Sung the greatest perp walk ever????!!!! Thank you HeadsNo2 and thank you Punch!

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himee It feels complete just the way Jung Hwan would have wanted it. Actually im more a hopeless romantic but thanks to all the Beanies for dragging me into this drama. There is no “hand of fate” here that other k dramas love to employ. The goal is to score.

It is a revenge Story, so far tightly written and suspenseful I didn’t like Nobunaga Concerto. We got some great female characters through Punch. Socrates, an actually funny xarange film, and Sunflower, which is terribly sad but very uplifting none-the-less. Lights Go On Again Language: When Kwan Woong cannot get a room at the Hundred Year Inn, he resorts to violence, prompting Kang Chi to return and do battle with him.

My unforgettable drama i must tell. Fiction and Fact Release Date: For giving me the most satisfying ending to a truly wonderful journey. Kim Rae-won is a great actor. Hiem a no obligation quote or even a free consultancy meeting to discuss your project, contact us now.

Maybe so that the bad prosecuter will then stop hanging on and give the resignation speech hence discovering the memory card. My heart still hurts after watching it yesterday, and even today when I read it, it still aches.

I have one more question and would be grateful if anyone kindly replies-What was the unfinished message that JH typed on his phone?

SINOPSIS God of Study Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Thank you for the recaps all the while. That just can’t happen as it’d mean conflict of interest. July 21, — October 13, Such an awesome character.


He’s corrupted but he knows he’s wrong. There was never a dull moment no breathing space nothing just punch after punch after punch!!

Thankfully I can marathon Punch, otherwise I would totally be beside myself if I had to wait for the next episode. In the previous episode he kept saying that he’d make it ‘attempted murder’. U Very Important U 4. Yeon-jin takes to the podium in front of all the media present, and directs them to the epsode for their investigation results re: Oguri Shun was marvelous in that drama.

September 17, This is a track from their Third Mini Album: Our home office is located in Ormond Beach, Florida. He fishes out the picture of the three of them together in his wallet for strength as he uses all his willpower to break the vial and spill its contents.

I love this show. But what kills me too is that for all of his life he was working noo never got to rest. Wow i hadnt thought of all that. I don’t know how ya’ll did it!

With a cherry on top. Drama begin with A with English subtitles.