We shall cross our fingers and see. I would definitely watch and another drama with both of them, They definitely had chemistry. What am I going to do with myself?! They surmise that maybe she ought to just get herself stranded on an island so that Daniel could go rescue her and they can be alone. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the recap. President Hwang gets a call from Manager Pyun but ignores him. Uh no, I don’t think so.

Or we should just be satisfied that Goo Heara was able to get justice for her father and leave it at that? The show begins with all the dramatic music and loud cheers, and the MC explains the rules of the competition. Our MinHo is tempted! I also wanted more explanation as to why her parents suddenly changed their minds over Daniel and Fah. Jang Goon encourages him with his speedy recovery, and Se-jong thanks them for their support. I found Mick and fell in love with Daniel for a minute. Noble idiocy runs deep here. Pui Fai says she just wants her coworkers back.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Daniel and company pull up by the van and it is action packed all the way as the good guys fight off the bad guys. She walks over to the car to grab the camera, but as she turns back, she runs right into Daniel.

He promises to make her stop missing him. Yet I still am not seeing her as evil for doing so- after all we started the episode with her kidnapped. TJ stops her though TJ: Anonim 19 April Our Queen Dowager of the Southern party watches in silence as Ok Jung grabs a dagger and threatens suicide.


Persevere, Gu Hae-ra: Episode 12 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

TJ and JH are progressing along really fpisode and of course, the shirtless scene really made my heart go a-flutter. The next day, the news is full of news surrounding Hwangje.

Also it will be better if they snapped out Sejong out his noble idiocy earlier during ep 7 I think when he rejoined the team.

So back to the finale, he ends up severing his engagement episore Dr. This is not the reaction President Hwang was anticipating, and he angrily leaves. Cloudy and gloomy is the name of the game this season.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Episode 12 (Se.02 Ep.12) [[Streaming]]

Isabelle Kallis September 29, at 5: Yu Tang is very confused that Wen Kai is asking her to drink coffee again even though she already had one in the morning. EG puts his arm around JH and she doesnt really know what to do.

He slowly falls out of consciousness as he enters the surgery room, and Hae-ra nervously waits outside. Cancel reply Enter your comment here The ex-marketing girls make a case for their employment opportunity at the hospital, they offer to use their marketing skills to help the hospital. Even though they had agreed that remakes were the premise of the show, President Hwang finds that winning a show with a remake would not be appropriate.

Daniel just looks on sadly. Chernming does pretty well fending off Tian Kong, he even manages to get a hold of the gun and points it at the older man, but Pornchai distracts him in time alerting them that Mungkorn Thong is here. First they beat the crap out of Chern Piu and Tian Kong says that if he kills Chern Piu, there will be no more Chern family member left.


Ray runs in belatedly and assures Hae-ra that Se-jong will be all right. I doubt they will tie back to that flashback, but it will be quite cool if the misunderstanding actually arose from there the recording which Yu Tang snatched away.

Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap

They go after the new currency that the King has introduced- claiming that it is hurting the people due to the prevalence of counterfeit coins. Despite plot problems, I still really enjoyed the show. Of course the suppliers are going to pick the kogea soap bar.

The sudden cuts and plot holes were very evident Henry suddenly decides that he wants to go back to China?

Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap | THOUGHTSRAMBLE

The love triangle never really got that annoying, though. What am I going to do with myself?! Kwan retrieves the bullet. Though the ending may feel a bit rushed, I’m pretty much satisfied.

Henry grooves along to the performance backstage, and Woo-ri nudges him to stop. Henry and Woo-ri are headed off to China, where they promise to promote Team Persevere and their song. And why was such a big deal made about the moms lusting after TP? Second, we got nice music going on. And she asks him what she should do.