The Best Korean Dramas of I can’t promise I won’t watch this drama to its entirety but I’ll follow it through and see if they have happiness in the end. This year sure is a pain and darkfest, gaksital, nice guy and now this. Please enter your username or email address. In what is clearly just 5 foot deep water. I do think they’ve made it fairly obvious who our players are but I also think unless they’re just toying with us that the point is not in who is who but more in how things unfold. I’m glad you’re enjoying Seo In Gook in this show. There are so many varied opinions on here, ranging from thoughts about the series to thoughts about the writers for this blog.

He silently sticks his hands out, to be cuffed. This, and the comedy, and the romance, and the subplot, the parallel to our main plot story was done beautifully in this ep which made this the ep far better than the prev 4. Everyone also seems to be dropping like flies in this drama. Team Leader Kang says that he must have lived along with the deceased. She writes that if there are five ripples, it means your wish will come true, and she wanted to share that with him on a rainy day. Just the right amount with the mystery.

Miesing was devastated that Hyun-Joon ended up killing Det. As soon as he turns the thing on? Does this hurt, you son of a bitch?!

Missing You Episode 5 Recap

He warns Dae-young to surrender, but to no avail. I don’t know what it is. At the same time, while some things might have been exaggerated or, at the very least, extremely condensed, there are a lot of children in this world that episodf this appalling torment.

Okay, so I skipped this drama and the recaps coz the genre’s not really my thing anymore among other reasons I like the child actors better than the adult leads. Jung Woo goes to the wall and cries about how much he misses Soo Yeon. Detective Kim follows Baddie No.


Don’t watch Korean variety but looked up the Family Outing episode where he washed the radish with soap. I can’t promise I won’t watch this drama to its entirety but I’ll follow it through and see if they have happiness in the end. But sometime the victim choose to close their mouth because they are ashamed or they don’t know how to do it.

Kdrama Therapy: I Miss You (Missing You) episode 13

Thank you for doing and probably suffering through the recaps so far! The bickering between Ji-an and Hyun never really kicked in for me before, because you know she should be something more than that, but the information we were given only summed up to what? Damn YSH can stare! But it’s such a creepy thought!!! This year sure is a pain and darkfest, gaksital, nice guy and now this. He points out the Big Dipper and throws out a backhanded compliment that at least she has good eyesight.

But another man jumps out of the covers: Now that we know where Ji-an is coming from, I can now completely understand why she followed Hyun arround. If we shut off of this kind of movie, what do you think about the victim? Have to agree wholeheartedly that while it seems clear who are the baddies etc, the show still manages to insert a delicate detail here and there to keep the viewers interested.

I’m so glad I didn’t trust you guys in this one. Read your midsing and totally loved it…. He shows him a picture of a man and asks Lawyer Jung to find his son.

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I like and appreciate how smart the detectives are on this team! For the 4 episode that I have been watching, this is not fiction or sadistic this is the reality, let’s face it, it is really happened anywhere That son of a bitch! A model is throwing a hissy fit and Soo Yeon walks right up and slaps her once, and then again for good measure. But ep 5 and ep 6 is Great!


Years ago, when I first disconvered this blog, I used to agree with you on your comments regarding drama plots and characters, and found your opinions interesting. So for me, I open my eyes and mind for this kind of movie and I believe our viewers are intelligent to understand this movie.

I do really like both these characters and their struggles to grow up and become men in different phases in their lives. They recognize each other, pleasantly surprised at the coincidence. Park Dae-young admitted his wrongs in a speedy trial, and through some higher up power, he was placed in the same prison as his father. I am not watching the show dramcarazy not a YSH fan.

I Miss You Episode 5 eng sub -보고싶다

Although Hyun tells her to ignore it, she grabs her first aid kit to clean up his wound. I get that the flashbacks and rehashing of memories are dramatic techniques to create parallels for us viewers to the past, but I think it’s overkill. The two investigators jump back in shock, and Ji-an sheepishly grins at her ex coworkers.

At this point, Hyun signals Ji-an to finish the job and leaves the room.