Later, Rabiya informs Salahuddin about Manahil and he asks her to take care of her. Salahuddin reassures his parents that Manahil will be happy with him, so his parents decide to go to Manahil’s house. Manahil agrees and asks Salahuddin to take her to Mikaeel one last time. Mannu accepts Mikael’s condition to leave Salahuddin in exchange for the children back but after spending time with Tipu and Tania, he realises that his presence in their life is dangerous and instead asks Salahuddin to leave with the children. The News on Sunday. Mikaeel comes home drunk because his friend, Bari, stopped playing gambling at his place, which makes Mikaeel worried because of his addiction.

Retrieved 1 March Television portal drama portal s portal. Now after watching Mann Mayal we realise we were only ill-treating ourselves. Current broadcasts on Hum TV. Retrieved 17 February Jamil helps Jeena and Mikaeel with kidnapping of the children, where Mikaeel backs out after seeing Jeena’s obsession. Mann Mayal was originally scheduled to air in late December , however, due to post-production delays, Hum TV rescheduled the series for January When Salahuddin sees Manahil, outside a parlour, in her new avatar, he feels guilty.

Pyaar lafzon mein kahan episode 77 in turkish

Maral Episode 45 Ritesh Upadhyay 8 months ago. Star Plus performs strongly on Monday in UK”.

After Salahuddin confirms Mikaeel’s approval for marriage, he lets Manahil’s father know and the preparations for the manqhil begins. Jeena apologises to Manahil for her rude behaviour on the phone.

Manahil ask Salah-ul-Din to keep a distance from her after having last conversation with his mother. Despite Manahil’s consent Salah-ul-Din buys toys for children.

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Salahuddin tells Manahil that they should not talk to each other and Manahil should only think about her husband and he needs to move on for his career. There, Salahuddin tries to convince Mikaeel to take Manahil back but instead, he gives her divorce.


Retrieved 10 February Mikaeel visits his parents graves and accepts his mistakes for one last time and ask them their forgiveness, he then gets murdered over his gambling debt when his friend came to claim his money. Doctor later told Manahil that Salahuddin condition is lethal and he can be put on a life supportdisheartened by their fates and feeling responsible for his condition she ask Jameel to take care of him and leaves.

When Salahuddin sees this, he gets mad at Mikaeel for not even letting her cry on her pain. Finding Jeena with Manahil, he question her while Jeena mocks Manahil in front of him, seeing her cold behaviour with Manahil, he breaks his engagement. Manahil calls her family, and tells them that a “baba ji” Salahuddin advised her to call her parents regularly.

Manahil and Salahuddin visits Mikaeel where he tell her that she can have children if she decides to come back regardless of whether she loves Mikaeel khwlil not. However, Manahil’s aunt and her mother persistently reject this proposal as they don’t think Salahuddin would make a suitable life partner.

Retrieved 15 March Before Manahil’s arrival at the hospital, Salahuddin gets all the arrangements ready like Manahil’s doctor, hospital bills, delivery room. After one year, Manahil is pregnant and back home for the baby’s birth.

Later, series take another leap of three years with Manahil pregnant with her second child.

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Upon reaching, Manahil reveals that it was her idea to meet “one last time” before marriage and defends Salahuddin, but Salahuddin says that this was all his idea and they should not hurt or say anything to Manahil. Pyar Lafzon me Kahan: So far, Mann Mayal has offered nothing new or challenging.


Jeena denies all allegations and instead shifts blame to Salahuddin and Jameel for “accusing” her. Retrieved parh February Retrieved 17 May Manahil’s parents leave Manahil in misery because she tells them that Mikaeel wants her to leave but she doesn’t want to go, she has a responsibility.

Salahuddin tries to make her understand that this marriage will bring good to her and both reconcile their memories. It will go down as just another pot boiler that made a lot of money, which is shame because this serial started off with a spark of brilliance. The soundtrack was praised for its lyrics and composition and vocals, QB and co-singer Shuja Hyder received much appraisal for their singing as well as enthusiastic reviews for Hyder composing, particularly Hyder being praised for “his vocals add depth and variety to the proceedings.

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Salahuddin suffers a heart attack and undergoes surgery, she confesses her love for him and blames herself for destroying the lives of those who came near her. Jeena was working late in Salahuddin’s office, and his mother calls. Manahil’s father recovers slowly and ask for Manahil, to which her mother consoles him saying that Mikaeel has taken her home.

Retrieved 7 June Kanza Riaz of The Express Trubune wrote for her February blog stating that Mann Mayal is teaching our society some horrendously wrong things!