Might as well savor the view. As scary as the thought is to me, I believe you may be right Due to insufficient resources in the Frontier Fleet, food is being rationed. I’ll leave the Macross related ones for you folks. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Alto leaves in frustration to go to Ranka’s concert at Mihoshi Academy, where he and Michel are participating as stunt pilots. Distraught, Sheryl ends up walking alone in the rain searching for Alto when she collapses on the sidewalk due to her illness.

At the end of the movie production, the relationships between Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl get a lot more complicated. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. As scary as the thought is to me, I believe you may be right Soon thereafter, Ranka is kidnapped by unknown forces and Alto sets out to rescue her. Hell maybe Sheryl will grab a plane and go save him! It was a neat twist where they had the ending credits and they doubled as the ending credits for the movie! Somehow, Alto, Sheryl, and Ranka all end up in the Zentradi Mall, where their paths cross once again and Ranka’s future is changed forever. Then again I did not see everything properly just form the way it showed us.

Hell maybe Sheryl will grab a plane and go save him!

Macross Frontier Episode 24 Discussion

However, the Vajra also shows up in the skies above the three, so they immediately head to the park’s emergency shelter and get trapped inside. Alto dying, I won’t believe it until I see his body in space. Alto learns of Sheryl’s illness and promised Sheryl that he will stay by her side until the very last moment. Grace O’Connor talks to Michel about his disgraced deceased elder sister. Somehow, Alto, Sheryl, and Ranka all end up in the Zentradi Mall, where their paths cross once again and Ranka’s future is changed forever.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat However, O’Connor connects to the Vajra fold network and manipulates Ranka into leading all the Vajra against the Frontier fleet with her singing, which also enhances their effectiveness in battle. References are OK, but do not post a critique about episode 1 when this thread covers episode Especially considering how high they both were in this past month’s Newtype female character poll!


Meanwhile, Ranka has passed the initial rounds of the Miss Macross Frontier contest auditions and sings a song for the very final screening stage. We will provide download locations for you.

So assuming he can remote control his own vf without having a direct link Along the way, Brera asks Ranka who does she sing for. Ranka is rescued by Alto from Battle Galaxy where she was being held captive. A photo also confirms that Sheryl is Mao Nome’s biological grand-daughter.

Great Episode can’t wait to see how it ends. Damn, I got a RAW in perfect mavross but yet this one got blurs. BBCode “There is a road in the hearts of all of frohtier, hidden and seldom traveled, which leads to an unknown, secret place. Ranka then moves the V-type infection from Sheryl’s brain into her abdomen, saving her life. Hello my beloved Ranka, Brera and Grace haters and Sheryl lovers.

During this time, Sheryl macrozs to confront O’Connor about recent events but learns some very unpleasant revelations from her former manager. Mishima becomes the 5th president of the Macross Frontier Fleet and convinces the population that the only way the fleet can survive now is by annihilating the Vajra and claiming the homeworld of the enemies as their own.

Macross Frontier Episode 24 Discussion. I loved the last expression on Sheryl’s face when she met with Alto. As a result, Alto has a tough decision to make. It sounds much better and more soothing than Ranka’s first rendition.

The Frontier populance’s hatred of the Vajra is growing by leaps and bounds, and even Alto and Luca cannot control their own hate. As the Colonial Fleet celebrates the success of its long distance fold jump, Ranka’s pet Ai-kun suddenly disappears. Leon would make sure she would be slaughter.

Did anyone else download the gg subs? Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Not a big surprise, though. I welcome 1 fellow to hating Ranka That’s an exact replica of the scene from Macross Zero episode 3. Keyhole tv didn’t broadcast MBS today. I sound so cruel. The three of epixode end up on the interior balcony of the hospital, where Sheryl and Ranka start one-upping each other about their relationship with Alto.


Posted June 5, edited. Yeah we learn for sure in this one about Sheryl Nome and Mao Nome with the picture they show us. Do you think the people of the Macross after seeing her figure would be ok? Alto, as he had promised, is taking care of Sheryl.

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The members of S. I’m expecting character goods of the main characters, specifically the two female leads, shortly. In the ensuing battle, the fleet’s military is completely out-classed due to the ineffectiveness of its weapons against the Vajra.

Having him live would be way too cliche. Ranka takes some time out of her busy work schedule to prepare a special gift for Alto’s approaching birthday. Meanwhile, Sheryl decides to sing again with a brand new perspective, and Luca discovers that Sheryl’s singing can now generate faint fold waves like Ranka’s because of her V-Type virus infection.

After the Macross Galaxy fleet is hit by a large-scale Vajra attack, SMS Macross Quarter and the Skull Platoon engaged in fierce combat against the Vajra to rescue two surviving battleships that folded in.

Kawamori will release Macross Zero movie edition that will turn out to be the movie that was made in the Macross Frontier. Brera and Alto fight together, eventually defeating O’Connor by severing the Vajra Queen’s head and Alto using Michael’s sniper rifle on her. I watched it on Veoh and it’s the same. Ah so much hate: