If you want to finish her, then you should do one thing. Your father-in-law is lying. She is coming here. To have my revenge over Gauri. Satan, I want wealth. I am from Chincholi. Forgive me, oh Goddess!

Aunt, look at this! You have been lucky for me. How could she dare to do this? She will instead throw you out of the house. Why are you in a rush? Help her if you can.

Would you complain about us? This video and mp3 song of Malganga mata ghagar visarjan is published by Saurabh Unawane on 14 May Released Aai Taulja Bhawani.

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Aunt, you should teach a lesson to Gauri. Someone ward off the evil eyes. The vermillion will protect you. Malganga devi aarti in marathi yei ho malgange majhe mauli ye malganga devi song. Kundmauli Malganga Saati Aasra.

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Gauri, the problem is that, I have received the letter very late. Why don’t you understand son?


Have I movje you here to kill you? Why would I steal in my sister’s house? Do this, come to my house. No one can stop me today. I can understand if you say that by mistake. I saw Gauri asking for alms. What are your expectations? God knows where is Renu.

How could Gauri become pregnant? Gauri, you should continue to have faith on the Goddess. She separated my husband from me. Didn’t you wanted to sacrifice me? You will show your strength here, but will go weak inside. Released Kundmauli Malganga Saati Aasra.

Gaja, who is she? My dream has fulfilled. But I haven’t recognized you. Don’t you want to save the village from the calamities? Nighoj potholes malganga temple, maharastra. She will surely do it. Come, I don’t want to listen to you.

Sir, a fire test was given in those pure ages. The lady gave me coins. I left this place as I was tired of dealing with it. Your husband left for studies a day after your wedding. Wouldn’t you tell me, what happened? I don’t want it.


Mal Ganga Aai

They want me to go abroad for higher studies. I can cook variety of dishes for you. She ordered it specially for me.

I meant I can massage you. Natli navri mal ganga top 8 mal ganga bhakti songs marathi songs chhagan chougule.