One day, you meet him on a party that he attends because of his father and there he sees you with your fiancee. The heroine of this story, though a little shy, is nonetheless a normal college student. I’m kinda new to the whole scene, so I’m having trouble with some of the vocabulary being used. Chouette has announced an upcoming third volume for their Omiai renai no susume series! I failed to found any in your seiyuu blcd list.. Then one night after a drinking party wherein Chihiro ends up being tasked with seeing the other man home, he reveals an unexpectedly manipulative side and decides to take advantage of the situation… BakaUpdates.

Souma’s blcd list please? He serves time in a group cell in prison, surrounded by inmates who are all suspicious in some way. Thank you so much! In front of him was a young man who insisted that he himself had agreed to be in that kind of situation. The two have garnered quite a large following. Do you do voice acting audio commissions at all? I’ve been in a relationship with her for 2 years, and I’m already thonthin about confessing.

JavaScript is required to view this site. Ono Yuuki x Masuda Toshiki Synopsis: Each day, when Sousuke comes in to purchase a bento, you always smile and jokingly masauyki him: Chouette has announced an upcoming third volume for their Omiai renai no susume series! These daily interactions between the two of you eventually cause you to grow closer, and some time after, you and Sousuke finally start meeting each other outside of the shop.

All this Ray and Rika being gay and something about V being an angel.

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The two become so popular together but, other than work they were supposed to be strangers who knew nothing about each other. I’m not really satisfied with my voice but One day, popular AV actor Jin was brought an offer for him to star in a gay video.


Kuze Yukio is an otaku and is a big fan of Takashina Hibiki. Well that seemed to be the case until they found out that they lived in the same apartment complex at least. Though excellent at his job and incredibly attractive, Kiyoharu is a selfish person. I gotta say, I usually prefer the opposite in my fantasies: Unknown to her, however, that glass sets a nightmare into motion… CVs: One day, he suddenly notices a red thread tied to his own finger!

My girlfriend is a sweet and bubbly cheerleader coming from Tokyo. Nonohiko passed it with no problem. Why are you and Maeno taking up such obscure roles?

Katou Masayuki x Yashiro Taku Synopsis: This behaviour is not fun. Senpai, do you like Vocaloid?

Theme by Little Town. Hatano Wataru x Saitou Soma Synopsis: Do you think you could come up with a list of few common phrases like these and explain their meanings?

Katou Masayuki – Love U Bung – Drama CD – Vol.4 (A’sRing) |

Log in Sign up. So straightforward, I like it: Break up with that guy and come to me.

The two have garnered quite a large following. Yuri, I need your help.

Movie advertising agency employee Murakami Chihiro has long carried a torch for fashion magazine editor Motona Kiyoharu, but somehow never found a way to get closer to him. Aistsu ni Koishite Mita! Souma’s blcd list please? For Kitagawa, who is imprisoned as a murderer, this kaou the first time in his life that he feels the emotion of love. The heroine, who wants to resolve the tension between her vrama her brother, agrees, and starts to drink with them.


One fateful day, Mero catches Mzsayuki showing a stranger such a gentle smile making Mero frustrated. Grid View List View. Google exists for a reason. Danshi Koukosei, Hajimete no vol. But, the thing is, she likes voice acting and I don’t know how to make a script romantic enough for her taste. I really liked him. Second volume of the series.

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If so, who’s your favorite? He teases you and kisses you in secret. Filter by post type All posts. Also, can people use your original scripts if they credit you and link your tumblr or youtube? Ai no sabaki wo ukero! I failed to found any in your seiyuu blcd list. With the parents away on a trip abroad, Masamichi sees this is a great opportunity to have a bit of fun, and excitedly suggests:. While she is overjoyed to finally have a boyfriend for the first time in her life, the relationship between her and her step-brother has become a little strained—particularly after he witnessed her secretly smuggling her boyfriend into the house.

Literally iatou desc for this masayukki like wtf?

In front of him was a young man who insisted that he himself had agreed to be in that kind of situation. Pink Litchi Scanlations 3.