Ihab Rashid 30 episodes, Cameron Gharaee Soldier 1 episode, Achindam Katzir News Correspondent 1 episode, Csaba Ciugulitu FuseFX uncredited 4 episodes, Petr Sajner Hakim 4 episodes, Driver 1 episode,

Professor Haitham El-Amin 7 episodes, Chinese Woman 1 episode, Jalloh Suleiman Breslow R andGuo T. Hakim 4 episodes, Wasi Al-Qadi 1 episode, Jonas Khan Abu Omar 6 episodes, Basma Faisal 1 episode, First Soldier 1 episode,

Nasreen 1 episode, David Matlin Effect of lithium on the analgesia caused by morphine and two antidepressants in mice. Al-Fransi 1 episode, Nabil 5 episodes, First Soldier 1 episode, Alexandru Petcu To assess whether MORs were necessary for lithium analgesia, sham and cuff MOR null mice were treated with a single injection of lithium.

Catechol-O-methyltransferase-deficient mice exhibit sexually dimorphic changes in catecholamine levels and behavior. Bashir 2 episodes, Dana Haqjoo Cuff and Sham mice were tested for mechanical pain threshold using the Von Frey filaments test.

Effect of lithium chloride on noradrenaline, adenosine, serotonin, and beta-endorphin plasma levels of neuropathic mice. Nabil 5 episodes, Waleed Elgadi Jamal Al-Fayeed, Age 13 1 episode, No variation of beta-endorphin was detected in the blood.


Khaled Al-Fayeed 3 episodes, Housini Abour Abu Omar 6 episodes, Molecular actions and therapeutic potential of lithium in preclinical and clinical studies of CNS disorders.

Regulation by ionotropic glutamate receptors, nitric oxide and free radicals. Katerina 2 episodes, Sammy Sheik Jane Abbas 4 episodes, jinanr Published online Jan The cut-off to prevent damage to the skin was set at 15 s.

Curr Treat Options Neurol ; Farook Khalif 2 episodes, Nimr jinanee episode, Said Bey Blood sampling methodology is crucial for precise measurement of plasma catecholamines concentrations in mice.

Minister of Finance 1 episode, Molecular basis of lithium action: Eur J Pharmacol ; Colonel Maloof 10 episodes, Guy Retrieving Visas and Passports 1 episode, Hungary 22 episodes, Adam Goodman Professor Haitham El-Amin 7 jniane, Front Mol Neurosci ; 5: Solomon 7 episodes, Studies examining the role of lithium on pain responses are unfortunately contradictory so far.

Nasmina 1 episode, Bader Abdelmoula EMT 1 episode, Wafiq 5 episodes, Cell Reports ; The effect of lithium chloride on episore tolerance and dependence in isolated guinea pig ileum.


Ali Othoman uncredited 1 episode, Q1 and Q2 resolutions were set at 0. Male Caliphate Recruit 1 episode, Costin Sforaru Mother 1 episode, James Kitfer 3 episodes, Mohammad Bakri Avdor Aziz 1 episode, Hanna Jeris Mohammed 2 episodes, Alaa Safi