As for Woo-Young, he bumps into one of the young hackers trying to escape through the stairs. I Need Romance 3 Korean Drama. Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama. Evergreen Love Japanese Movie. He then sends out an email to all of his minions: I wonder how everything is going to be played out now Hyun Min knows about Woo Young.

Baby-faced Beauty Korean Drama. The Brotherhood of War Korean Movie. Cheese in the Trap Korean Drama. Bunny Drop Japanese Movie. Architecture Korean Movie. Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast:

Acts like a 4 yr old It tickles my bones that a hacker just said that to another hacker. His stocks had plummeted, and driven to despair, Yoon Woo committed suicide by hanging himself from his lights.

Had it kimchideama a different character, that strategy by Hyun Min would have been genius to me; however, I’m not buying it with Prosecutor Im.

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Hyuk Joo admits that it was wrong to do so, but Woo-Young should now be freed because he had nothing to do with it. When are the Musketeers going to learn NOT to fall for the traps and lies! He orders Prosecutor Im to close the case quietly and to sit back.


She basically twisted the recordings and what Seung Yoon told her, and made Hyuk Joo look even worse. Miracle ghst Cell No. Lee Jung Eun Supporting Cast. Drama Special Season 4: Prince of Wolf Taiwanese Drama. Joshi-teki Seikatsu Japanese Drama.

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He is the only one who is still alive of the case 13 years ago, and maybe he can provide the link to help Woo Young ‘make things right’. Yume wo Ataeru Japanese Drama. Log in with Email. Local Hero Korean Drama. Love and Lies Kimchidrqma Movie. That reporter how old is she supposed to be?

Oh My Ghostess

A Story of Yonosuke Japanese Movie. Oh My Venus Korean Drama. On the fifth floor, Kang Mi spots one of the hackers with glasses and chases after him.

He freaks out, and quickly warns Kang Mi and Woo-Young, both of whom just arrived at work. Drama Special Series Season 3: Director Jun epjsode for an arrest warrant to be made for Kang Eung Jin as well. He is finding his dream and faith again. Page Turner Korean Special. Strawberry Night Japanese Drama. I know that every victory has its own sacrifice, but our Woo Young here almost died once, and literally he came back from death.


Park Bong Pal Taecyeon is a college student who has always had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Oh My Ghostess Korean Drama. Besides, I like the bonding moment of our team members in this episode. I loved seeing the Cy-Team just band together and focus solely on getting the big bad, Hyun Min.

Sang Woo comes back to the office and cries in dismay when he sees Woo-Young at his desk, but Kang Mi blocks him from getting nearer. What if your office is bugged by Hyun Min?! Anyways, Hyuk Joo is hauled off to the jail where that officer he bullied is there to receive him. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!