The ending is different from the other typical K-drama that I know. I wonder if her bf’s death was really her fault and she had suppressed her memories. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the recaps and all the screen caps of Reaper Boy!!! I think one of this drama’s strongest messages is about valuing life and lucky and wonderful it is to live. By KimAigels Started April 22, And when her Scheduler walks her into the elevator, he hands her a new living rose. It was making ME mad. Ergo, she got the 49 day quest to come back to life.

I actually loathed the sappy. And you still like him? Han Kang and The Scheduler wins my heart. I won’t sell you to others! She will be aided further by her friend from high school Han Kang, who will then get into an entangled relationship with Song Yi Kyung and Shin Ji Hyun. But when she gets there, she has to hide as everyone leaves the room, and she sees Min-ho walk out, kangaroo in tow.

Before I forget, I have one question about this drama: Instead I spent most of the morning in a daze and reading the ragey comments elsewhere. He understood and contented. I enjoyed that scene very much, Lee Yowon playing tomboy!!!

49 Days Episode 20 Recap

Godislove April 21, at Btw, I wonder how S. Thank you for the recap! Notify me of new posts via email. And even scolding her a bit.

Nam Gyu Ri: 49 Days ()

This is the best episode yet and I’m so glad that this is a 20 episode drama and not the usual What if Yi-kyung gives up her body and follows our reaper to the after life?


Just then, as if answering his thoughts, he comes upon Ji-hyun, walking alone. I watched the show because I want to be entertained…be happy and smile everytime I remember the story. Outside, Kang is waiting for her, and tells her to follow him.

Kang was never interested in YiKyung and YiKyung was the same. What I’m enjoying so eepisode about her acting is that the different personalities come across so cleanly.

Alas, that was not 4 to happen…. When she returns to the hospital room, In-jung is there alone, and she shouts at her best friend, saying that she thought that being rescued by Min-ho and then meeting him again was fate.

But that was my intuition from watching too many Korean dramas. Thank you for your thoughtful recap. And I also enjoyed My Girl and Goong a lot too. This Drama seriously has kept me on my toes! I think YK is aware of someone inhabiting her body, what with the unexplainable events that have been happening around her this time.

I know a good amount of people watch dramas to escape from reality, but for me, I cherish the dramas that tell a good story whether it ends with a happy or sad ending.

A truly remarkable drama. I kept clicking refresh on this page to see if it came up and when it did i cried from the start and sobbed to the end i wanted to write how much i loved it but i was csobbing non-stop till now when episove can see xD.


Well, this MH – Episore hope he gets what’s coming to him. About the sisters thing, well yeah the writter should have dropped more hints.

49 Days Episode 20 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

He confirms a myriad of things: I hope you mean Everyone except Min-ho. I would totally be eppisode to bypass all reason for that, logic be screwed! I’m in dire need to know how this will all end: She is SUCH a good actress.

P Bad acting of The Scheduler; his sad scenes: Ji Hyun won’t take the elevator if she gets the three tears.

Now, back to reading the recap again God, elisode felt good, just hearing her say the words. Unlike other antagonists who end up getting caught, he showed no signs of wanting revenge and seemed to truly regret his earlier actions.

Hazel March 26, at 7: It’s the first thing I noticed. Aaahhh I wish you’re right Godislove Thanks for the Review. He soooooo realized that he was seeing Yi Soo.