Anmol promises to Ranvir that Ragini and Tammy are his everything, and that he will always keep them happy. Her father moves to US to make some money. Sadhana is shocked to see Vasu gifting her and Ragini exactly the same clothes and jewellery as she had in her dream. Sadhana again has a bad dream about Ragini. Shlok manages to handle the situation. She hugs Anmol on seeing Ragini. Sharma learns that the only victim of the bomb blasts has been brought to the same hospital and that her husband is very upset. Shlok learns about Shivani’s refusal to accept him.

Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. She gets scared when Ragini is about to climb down the stairs. Anmol is furious at Shivani and declares that he loves Ragini. Anmol is shocked when Ragini insists on ending her relationship with him. Ragini is surprised to see Anmol’s pendant and letter. Shivani refuses to believe Anmol doesn’t love her and then tries to break him and Ragini up. Sakshi already has a boyfriend, Tarun and is pregnant with his child. Sakshi is shocked to meet Tarun at the hospital.

Ragini feels Anmol is sacrificing his happiness for Tamanna and tells Shivani to marry Anmol.

Anmol and Ragini don’t want Alekh to remarry because they feel that no girl can marry abnormal Alekh bidaaai any ulterior motive or unless she is forced by the rich Vasundhara Rajvansh wpisodul lieu of any solution to her problems.

Watch full episodes of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at tergrentrere. Her insensitivity makes Anmol break up with her.

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Anmol and Ragini become much closer and start to fall in love. Sakshi promises to leave after Diwali, as she ferkcirii to complete Tamanna and Khushi’s Diwali project. Sadhna marries Alekh who is mentally unstable on two conditions: Sharmaji says that one day, the stories of Khushi and Tammy’s lives may also be presented to the viewer, in the same way we were presented with the beautiful story of Ragini and Sadhna.


Sakshi also wants her unborn child to be given Alekh’s name so she tries unsuccessfully to sleep in his room. Khushi is shown to be like Culoarex, understanding, caring and kind personality. Sakshi tries to defend the children from Tarun.

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All four live together happily in their small house until a fire burns their house down and Vasu gets trapped inside she came to see them. Meanwhile Alekh starts taking care of Sakshi as a friend and Sakshi is changing for better. On wedding day, Alekh realizes that he loves Sadhna madly and cannot live without her and remarries her. Unable to see her sister lose, Sadhna falls down at the last fericirik and loses the competition, choosing her sister’s “happiness” over her own marriage.

Sadhna eventually sides with the truth and Ranvir is sentenced to jail, leaving Ragini, Alekh and Vasu very angry and upset with Sadhna. Alekh leaves home because he cannot live in a place where his wife is not respected.

Sadhana again has a bad dream about Ragini. Sadhana hopes for her dream not to come true.

Vasu and Kaushalya decide to convince Ragini and Anmol to participate in a dance competition in order to bring them closer. Her father moves to US to make some money. But he starts ignoring Sadhana and she begins to feel a little insecure. Sadhana waits for Alekh, who has gone to fetch a taxi, in spite of a bomb scare. Miraculously it does, and it seems as if God has heard Sadhna’s prayers for Ragini and let her live, taking Sadhna to heaven in Ragini’s place though.

Report Video Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers. Ragini is happy when Sakshi insists on breaking up with Tarun and accepting her present life. Mesajul nu a fost trimis din motive de securitate.


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He wants to get better for his daughter. Alekh finds out the truth before completing 7th phera and refuses to accept Sakshi as his wife.

Everyone is stunned to see Shivani refusing to marry Anmol rericirii he lost his property. Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. More or less she was the main actor.

Vasu comes to know that Sakshi is pregnant, she brings Sakshi back to RH thinking Alekh is the father. Ranvir and his family are shocked to know about a sudden red alert in the city. Vasu gets him to agree to marry Mallika.

Ragini enquires about Sadhana and tells Ranvir that Sadhana had come to give her prasad. Sadhana conducts the bidaai rituals by herself and leaves with Alekh.

Everyone is shocked to see Sadhana suffering from labour pain. Ragini is upset with Anmol’s decision to leave Rajvansh. Anmol is upset, thinking of the days spent with Ragini. She requests Ragini to shift to the ground floor of their house.

He struggles to get a job due to his lack of education, but is eventually successful. After seeing Tarun’s real face, Sakshi is heart-broken and feels guilty for mistreating Rajavansh family.

Sharma sees Ragini depressed and questions her. She is furious on seeing him apologising to her.