With preachy girl being the main character. Breakers, especially Toki and Yuuki. I just know i hate Sakura i hope she dies but hell on the main page on MAL you can tell she doesnt she is a main character. Also remembering him from Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. Also Ogami snapping DOG’s neck didn’t sound like a snap at all. The censored that “DOG” was being kicked and punched!

I like him being cold and brutal. As mentioned by others, the censorship is a tad annoying, but I still loved the first episode! I like the ED. Yes, another good looking Fall anime series. The censored that “DOG” was being kicked and punched! If the latter, it would save me some time. Looks interesting about the main character by Nobu and other that might be related to him.

I seriously loved all the minor changes that were made.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Did ogami killed braeker Between the music, art, characters, setting, and story, I could not find a single thing I liked about this first episode. Is this speculation based on the first episode, or have you read the manga or have sufficient information? Though their server seems to be down or something Aoba talking about Sakuras aikido was changed so they showed us her sparring instead. Interesting seems to be more dudes than girls though.

Want to see what breakeg in the next episode. Main female protagonist dying in first episode or at all? Well — they made Aoba to tall in most scenes even though she should just reach around Sakura’s nose.


I guess I will marathon it when it finished airing. I like the ED. If the latter, it would save me some time. Also Ogami’s VA did an awesome job, Accelerator ftw XD The only down point really in this first episode is the censorship which was a bit annoying to say the least.

Especially Yuuki with his “nyanpire” obsession. Great opener which stayed faithful to the manga, tho the first half was dragged out a bit. Really good, But, The manga was so much more and epic. Although, they messed up and didn’t show the abnormal strength she possess. I hate characters like her act so high and mightly.

Code:Breaker Episode 1 Discussion

Not going to happen. D The opening and ending were great too! Outside of Ogami there isn’t a single one of them who have any possibility of serious feelings for Sakura, not to mention Rui is a girl so not all the Code Breakers are guys.

The sensorship annoyed me, but other than that I thought it was really great and funny.

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I can’t wait for them to introduce all the anilin,z Code: No she won’t be dead it’s a bad habit to read her information tab. Also remembering him qnilinkz Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. I want to see character development happen soon though and doesn’t drag on like it does in the manga. The ED is Great!! They cut away some scenes that although nice in the manga actually fit Sakura’s personality more in the anime.


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As mentioned by others, the censorship is a tad annoying, but I still loved the first episode! I can’t wait to see more!!!!! Breakers, especially Toki and Yuuki. The OP vreaker ED are awesomeee.

Unfortunately, the information page, and the rules of anime, says otherwise. I xode the music but image sequence reminded me of those oldish shounen anime openings a bit Ending animation and song was so much better, thankfully. BBCode Love is a song.

I really wanted to snilinkz what’s gonna happen to Sakurakouji next!! I also liked how Sakura seems to be the cold beauty who people seems to admire and gives confessions to yet seems to have a cute side to her as well.

Code Breaker getting an anime made the story look so much better. Breakers are really appearing too soon.

Rei sure was being a badass this episode with the blue flames and his personality.