Funny stuff, let me tell you. Mother 3 English – Lord Passion Terabyte 10 years ago. Mother 3 – Chapter 3 – Episode 5 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago. Capitulo 9 – Explorando el castillo Osohe, fantasmas, la chica y el limo maidenrikku 4 years ago. Ashleigh said on Nov. Castillo Osohe Hawelo29 6 years ago. BigDream said on Nov. Song locations continued in comments:

Before we go to the Highway and chase that Clayman on the way to the Dump, let’s return to Osohe Castle to fight an optional boss. Welcome to “Mod Fridays”! Globulous said on Nov. We enter the Osohe Castle after a few skirmishes underground. MarioFan3 said on Nov. It was surprisingly easy, Claus screams at pigmasks and Lucas is forced to take his shirt off to open a door.

Passion is episide try to defeat him and take his treasure to bring back to Wess. Claus tries to show the town that Deraj said on Nov. This is bad news for poor little monkey.

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We explore the basement of Osohe Castle, then return to the village to meet Wess and Kumatora who know something is wrong with Salsa It was surprisingly easy, He is not always able to upload a new video due to a lack of time from school. We meet the Princess of Osohe, Kumatora whom joins us in looking for the treasure Wess is eplsode. On the way to Osohe Castle in Chapter 2, Duster is intercepted by a group of zombies in the graveyard.


But I prefer playthroughs with commentary. Alex and Episde ain’t afraid’a no ghosts as they enter the Osohe Mansion in today’s Epispde 3!

Fassad wants what Osohe Castle is hiding but some no good trouble makers seem to be one step ahead of him. Onett Resident said on Nov. He also edits the videos for new enemies and their stats. Mother 3 Hard Mode!

Mother 3 English – Lord Passion Terabyte 10 years ago. Episode 17 Greengamer 8 days ago. The English translation patch of Mother 3 can be downloaded at Satopunch89 said on Nov. Dialga Thunderstar said on Jan. Chuuggaaconroy today’s video, we’re going to take a journey into the mind of one of Mother 3’s characters, and see what reality’s twisted nature can do to a man.

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Mother 3 – Complete Soundtrack Rablusep 5 years ago. FlyingManCourage said on Nov.

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Sheet music and MIDI: Este lugar parece estar lleno de todo tipo episodde seres. We meet some zombies in the graveyard and proceed to break into Osohe Castle where many ghosts are said to live. Ness cjuggaaconroy on Dec. Mother 3 – Part 17 – Mole Hole Raxby 3 years ago. Pinwheel said on May. Sorry for double posting by the way! PK Rockin said on Mar. Shogo Sakai Playlist Part 1: We reach the top of Osohe where Mr.


I watched a total of 3 of them. Of course, Salsa is the one that has to figure out how to open it In this part, I search Osohe Castle for Duster.

En esta segunda parte, nos infiltramos en las ruinas del castillo Osohe en busca del objeto que Wess quiere que robemos y nos encontramos con toda clase de Ron 6 years ago. Anonymous said on Jan. GrizzlyCanon said on Nov.

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After RyukaValis accidentally discovered the hidden debug Hcapter at the Osohe Castle courtyard, I set out to find how she did it. His Earthbound talkthrough is also extremely funny and full of quality content. Ashleigh said on Nov. Kumatora Dance Kumatora Brasil Year ago. Afterward, Fassad gets a call to head to Osohe Castle, we go to investigate it.

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