Ganga wanted to get rid of her husband Ratan Singh. She tries to change Kalyani but it goes in vain. When the family members got to know the truth Jagdish and Gauri are asked to leave the house and the rest family members including Kalyani accept Anandi as their daughter. Chinnari Pellikuthuru Daily Serial Cast: Kalyani makes Anandi leave her study again. Jamuna has had many miscarriages as she was married at very young age. Kalyani blames Anandi for Jagdish’s injury. Jagya insults Anandi by saying her an uneducated villager.

Soon it comes time for Suguna to go to her in-laws house and a celebration is held. He tries to take back the child and shoots Anandi, but she is saved. He then comes home, realizes himself and lead a responsible life. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3, now streaming globally! Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki S Kalyani comes to know about Basant and Gehna and gets angry on everyone. Shiv then clarifies to all there is no insecurity between them.

Chinnari Pellikuthuru Episodes 401- 500

Ganga wanted to get rid epusode her husband Ratan Singh. She is a bright, talented, happy 8 year old girl, who aspires to become a teacher like her Sandhya Teacher. Suguna and Gehna give birth to boys respectively. Kalyani blames Anandi for Jagdish’s injury.

The village council organises a Maha Panchayat. Kalyani realizes her love for Anandi and thanks all the people of her village who helped her family in her hour of need.

Chinnari Pellikuthuru – Episode – KatsDDL

Despite of a lot of effort from Sandhyaji to stop the marriage, Anandi and Jagya get married, after which she is not sent to school. Na Bole Tum S Kalyani agrees and forcefully makes Jagdish remarry a girl named Gudiya. The story takes a serlal of five years.

Soon it comes time for Suguna to go to her in-laws house and a celebration is held. Gehna and Basant decide to give birth to one more child without telling to Kalyani. Gauri loses her child and Jagya holds Anandi responsible for it. Pellikutuhru Ya Amrit Sitaara. When Anandi is brought back to her in-laws house, Bhairon convinces Kalyani to be nice to Anandi. It is then revealed that Teepri has a mental disorder and she lied that she has no one in the world.


She gets tortured by him and fhinnari very sad.

Chinnari pellikuthuru maa tv serial marriage episode 6th november 2014

When Jaitsar is declared a new city, Shivraj Shekhar or Shiv is shown as the new collector of Jaitsar. So, to remove Anandi from her path, she influences Kalyani to make Jagdish remarry as Anandi is ill and cannot be a good wife and daughter-in-law. Sandhya threatens to expose everyone.

She does not know anything about Gauri as she is a cancer patient, so no one has ever tried to tell her. They all go to Mumbai to search for him. Anandi is exicted hear the news of her Alliance. While there is a planning of Jagdish to take a divorce from Anandi, Anandi is awarded for her contribution to the village. Sandhya is banned from the village.

Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki S In Mumbai, goons kidnap Jagdish. But her parents are keen to get her married to Jagdish, grandson of Kalyani Devi. To avoid the embarrassment in front of his friends, Jagdish decides to run away from home with Haria to Mumbai.

Then comes a new entry. Jagdish and Gauri both marry each other and later it is revealed that Gauri is none other than Gudiya whom Kalyani had made the second wife of Jagdish. Anandi fulfills her studies and also becomes Sarpanch head of Jaitsar.

On the other hand Anandi takes divorce from Jagdish and lives a peaceful life until Kalyani asks Shiv to marry Epiode.


A girl called Ganga enters and also a girl who got married as a child to a man called Ratan Singh. Bhairon clears Basant’s doubt. Shyam and his relatives are welcomed in the mansion and Sugna’s farewell ceremony begins.

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Anandi gets suspicious on her. Jagdish and Anandi have a flourishing relationship until Gauri enters. It is revealed that Kalyani has elder brother-in-law named Mahaveer Singh, who tried to molest her and he is the real father of Basant. Na Aana Iss Des Laado. Seriak Sandhya be able to stop Anandi’s wedding? On Vasant Panchami, Anandi makes Ganga restart her studies.

This scares Anandi, and when she is freed she runs away to her parents, Bhagwati and Khajaan Singh. She is sent to mental asylum. Shiv reluctantly agrees knowing the past of Anandi whereas Anandi does not agree.

By Cinestar on T Shyam comes to meet Sugna epixode the family.

Anandi saves both of them. The show is set up in rural Rajasthan and based on the practice of child marriage. Due to her health complications pellikuthurj goes to USA with Sumitra going along with her to take care of her.

Jagya runs away from home and goes and live in a place called Laxmi. When the family members got to know the truth Jagdish and Gauri are asked to leave the house and the rest family members including Kalyani accept Anandi as their daughter.