Mostly a single bounce board was used to bring up the level in the shadows. And how long does it take him to tan the hide? Lana Wachowski , Lilly Wachowski Stars: R 96 min Action, Adventure, Thriller. Some of the best moments came out of this kind of seat-of-your-pants creativity. At the end of the day it’s flashy kiddie-oriented space fantasy with little meat on the bones and I have no desire to see it again. Jay shot it and Mark plays the lead, alongside his girlfriend, who plays his girlfriend in the movie.

A meek Hobbit from the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to destroy the powerful One Ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron. More than any film I’ve seen of people surviving in nature, “Severed Ways” makes you understand what it must have been like to live in an environment where your everyday survival is in question. While most experimental films, to me anyway, become boring, “What It Is? At the end of the day it’s flashy kiddie-oriented space fantasy with little meat on the bones and I have no desire to see it again. Rather than one fall, it took three and one harsh winter to shoot the film, leaving Stone with hours of material. In fact, too much of the cussing rings untrue.

He sees artistic beauty in things like a corpse with its brains blown out. As such, it’s next to impossible to care about them. In “Mutual Appreciation,” they also sing, and very well.

The cast and crew created a kind fulm hippy commune during the shoot, staying in rented houses, cooking and cleaning together, with older people mentoring the younger ones. Most in the audience got its unique blend of simple proscenium shooting style a la influence Luis Bunuel coupled with an outrageous situational humor, that crosses the line more than a few times.

While these scenes are well done and utterly unforgettable, the film as a whole isn’t anywhere close to the hype.

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In fact, as an artist, Jacobs needed those kinds of limitations in order to create. I didn’t see it until 27 years after its release, far removed from the hoopla of the period, and found it decent at best, although somewhat amusing.

Magnolia released the film theatrically in the Fall ofand the film played numerous festivals winning several awards. The fact that the main protagonist is thoroughly unlikable takes away from the story.

It became available on DVD in January That’s right, one guy shot the movie and the other guy starred in it and ran the sound. R min Drama. The first hour consists largely of a tedious, never-ending wedding scene. Nevertheless, there’s an unexpected twist in the third act that piqued my interest and the movie is a necessary companion-piece to films like ‘s “Platoon” in that it provides the non-grunt, political side of the infamous conflict. While there were days where the crew was as large as people, some days there were just Weiler and his lead actor.


I like it, but it was definitely overhyped at the time. Well, it almost worked out that way. Secondly, the story takes forever to build any drive. After the cut was locked, Zobel went back out to raise more money to finish post. A bona fide crowd favorite at each festival it plays, “Chalk” was one of the first Competition films to sell out at the LA Film Festival, where I joined a packed house that was in fits.

Spending the summer at a Catskills resort with her family, Frances “Baby” Houseman falls in love with the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle. PG min Action, Crime, Drama. Jay shot “Baghead” on the Panasonic HVX and Mark ran a mono Audio Technica shotgun mic directly into the camera’s two channels, setting one channel a bit hot and the other slightly lower, since no one would be riding levels.

As far as the latter goes, the last part with Pamela Anderson was totally contrived and goes against the very directive of the movie — to film people without their knowing it and showing their responses to the weird and idiotic Borat character.

They set most of it in Gary’s apartment fulm utilized their connections to nab several name actors, most notably, lead actor Campbell Scott. What was all the buzz about?

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PG min Drama, Music, Romance. His films are deceptively engaging. In order to get as shallow a depth of field as possible, they used ND filters with a matte box to allow them to shoot with low F-stops. The tiny crew consisted of Tony, who played one of the two Vikings, two camera operators, a sound guy who was not a professional sound guy, a shotgun mic was mounted to the camera and a boom was used occasionallyand a producer. It’s just not that good, although it’s okay.

Eska shot in his home state of Texas in August and September of with an all-volunteer cast and crew. One of the most amazing features of the film is its authenticity. At least the posse members — lowlifes that they are — are on the right side of the law. Because the one trait that Bujalski most significantly shares with Cassavetes is his uncompromising search for the truth.

And it’s a good thing that Glover was willing to invest in his own movie, because “What Is It? With the success of “Puffy,” the Brothers Duplass scored a deal with Universal Studios, but that didn’t stop them from making no-budget films, See “Humpday” above –creative control and artistic freedom are hard to give up.


But rather than use it for sadistic thrills like so many recent horror flicks, “Blood Car” puts it to great comic effect, with a little subtle political “preaching” thrown in for good measure. They’ve taken their trademark off-the-cuff, naturalistic style of filmmaking, first seen in a number of successful shorts and then in their first feature “Puffy Chair,” and applied it to a genre film.

He wanted his characters to be relatable, to seem like people of today; he didn’t want to put up a wall to the past. Maybe because it’s too drawn-out; light film fare like this wood best at around minutes.

Discoveries were made, like Kamar’s admission that his father was from Cuba and had given his house away to his best friendand became part of the story, and borex filmmakers shot every interesting thing they saw–most of which never before seen by American audiences.

I guess that’s why it’s called “Dirty Dancing,” huh? The film was a box office hit and hailed by critics. Moro, who is utterly convincing as “Albert” the Cuban cab driver in the film, started calling theaters around the country in an effort to get the film booked.

On top of this we get sequences, characters and dialogue that seem to be stabs at comedy, which 1. A second year fellow at AFI, Casey knows the basics in all areas of filmmaking and used this knowledge to maximum effect, planning color schemes and sound design patterns prior to shooting. The filmout to 35mm boref done at Fotokem and unfortunately, despite the initial “I”, which is supposed to stand for “Independent”, distributor IFC Films plans to show the film in color on VOD and their cable channel.

You’d want to see it even more if you knew that it wasn’t, right? The reported budget of “Cavite” was two expensive plane tickets to the Philippines. Over the course of the shoot, the two actors became VERY good song sharks!

A dream of Moro’s since he was a kid, shooting in Cuba is verboten for Americans iflm the Cuban embargo of